HP Laptop Memory For Sale

Like all computer laptop makes, HP has a number of laptop models. Among the common ones are the HP Table PC and the recent HP Pavilion. Memory requirements differ depending on the bus architecture as well as the motherboard specifications. Such things as the number of memory slots, bus speed and sometimes the CPU determine the amount of memory and their speeds that the laptop can accommodate. Let’s have a look at some of these specs and see how to best install HP memory modules.

The HP Table PC and other models prior or after this make have more or less the same memory requirements with advancement and more speeds or memory capacities increasing with each and every new model on the market. The HP Table
PC comes with a standard memory capacity of 256MB which is removable. This means that the memory can be upgrade up to about 2GB. It has 2 memory slots that can accommodate memory modules of 1GB each to total to 2GB. Some models come installed with 512MB of memory, at an extra cost, of course.

All the memory modules of the HP Table PC can run on DDR3, which is among the latest fastest memory modules on the market. All these memory modules run at the same speed of 333MHz and at 2.5v. When purchasing the HP Table PC that will match these memory specifications, ensure that the FSB (Front Side Bus) runs at 533MHz, otherwise maximum speeds may not be attainable. The HP Pavilion can support 64-bit versions of software and has a massive 1MB processor cache memory. This means that its memory requirements and speeds need to be much higher and faster it if to fully maximize its output. In most cases, if one does not require running graphics-intensive applications or games, then the HP Table PC and its memory requirements are sufficient.